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Yu Su - Yellow River Blue LP

Yu Su - Yellow River Blue LP

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In the winter of 2019, the Vancouver-based Chinese musician Yu Su traveled from Qingdao on the west coast of the Yellow Sea to Xining, the largest city on the Tibetan Plateau. During this tour, which corresponded to both ends of the Yellow River, she encountered musical artists and enthusiasts at the foreground of the explosive leftfield electronic scene across China and was inspired to participate and contribute.

Yellow River Blue, Yu Su's open-ended response to this experience, is a smooth and emotionally charged listen. Drawing on her own rich listening experience and a keen awareness of personal experiences, Yu Su's compositions contain a complex quality that transcends all genres, her own cultural roots and living environments. The tranquil musical landscape is not only a result of her intimate relationship with nature but also a scenery curated for reflecting her personal emotions.

Through the carefully chosen symbols and imageries in Yu Su's music, you can see her intention to disturb the boundaries of "traditional and modern", "central and peripheral", and "self and other", as well as her gentle and clear self-portrait. Sailing a light boat in an increasingly turbulent current, Yu Su raises an ancient canvas with a sense of ease, to guide a new direction for herself and for the chaotic winds of the world.

2019 年冬,这位中原生⻓又旅居海外的音乐人一路从黄海西岸的青岛游历至青藏高原最大的城市西宁;在这趟首尾对应黄河两端的巡演途中,她被中国前卫电子音乐场景和场景参与者的自由姿态深深吸引,随即思考如何以音乐创作为这个集体作出贡献。

Yellow River Blue,Yu Su 对于这段经历的开放性回应,听感流畅也暗藏情绪张力。源于自己丰富的聆听经验和对个人经历的敏锐感知,Yu Su 的音乐语言包含了超越⻛格标签和自身文化根源及所处环境的复杂意识。山水的清幽不仅仅源于她与自然的亲近关系,更是一种个人情绪外化的 “人造” ⻛景。

透过 Yu Su 拨弄的象征符号与音乐风格元素,你会清楚看到她扰乱 “内与外” “中与洋” “我与他” 边界的初心以及她温和又澄澈的自我画像 —— 于愈发混浊的湍流中泛起轻舟,以自若之势扬起一面古老的帆;Yu Su 正为自己,也为世上紊乱的风指引新的方向。

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