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Xpb1 - Rampant / Subroyal 12"

Xpb1 - Rampant / Subroyal 12"

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Label owner Xpb1 starts his recording career with a crepuscular two tracker of post-industrial, spacious reflections in a dark and dystopian, yet melancholic, hauntological tone.

The two tracks have been constructed over a base layer of minimalistic percussion, and are dominated by a heavy and menacing sub-bass. The architecture of rhythm and pressure is drenched in the echo of lonely siren laments in androgynous voice, while doppler effects pierce through the track mimicking the light flicking in a night train ride. The two constructions fall somewhere between the cracks of post-dubstep and industrial with the added cinematic rigidness, and tunnel vision of techno.

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