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Wolf Eyes w/ Spykes - Wolf Eyes w/ Spykes LP

Wolf Eyes w/ Spykes - Wolf Eyes w/ Spykes LP

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Wolf Eyes w/ Spykes was recorded on Marshall St in Ann Arbor, Michigan on October 2nd, 2000. The group recorded this material live directly to 2-track reel to reel, giving it a raw and unrefined quality. The album credits Aaron Dilloway: electronics, tapes, and mix, John Olson: electronics and keys, and Nate Young: voice, keys, and secrets. Originally released in limited edition by Hanson Records for tour, this re-release is a glimpse into the foundation of what Wolf Eyes would become and remains a defining moment of the group's discography. Previously a two piece of Young and Dilloway, the result of this recording helped them decide to pull in Olson as a full time member and the first trio version of the band was formed. These are the strange creeping formulas that inspired Wolf Eyes to create over 300 releases and continue to push listeners towards the furthest edges of a raw homemade audio universe.

Wolf Eyes is currently performing and releasing music as a duo consisting of John Olson and Nate Young. They have garnered a reputation as one of the most frightening and weird bands in the world. Their music is not for the faint of heart and is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who dares to listen. Aaron Dilloway is currently recording and performing in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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