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Verraco - Breathe... Godspeed 12"

Verraco - Breathe... Godspeed 12"

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Keeping things fresh, we celebrate the Medellín — Bristol connection with none other than Verraco. Sonic pipelines have been running with full force between our two cities for some time, and "Breathe… Godspeed" embodies a shared obsession for shaping futures and dancefloors through evocative club acrobatics.

Exploring the intersection between the sacred and the erotic, this four-track EP is propelled by visceral sound design, dipping into a variety of styles and paces.

Verraco constructs groove like no other: while covering mind-altering Techno to gut-punch bass music, he takes sheer dancefloor euphoria up to dizzying heights with a unique radiance.

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