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Vanessa Bedoret - Eyes LP

Vanessa Bedoret - Eyes LP

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Varied set of beautifully haunting tunes here. Influences range from the dancefloor, to black metal and opera. RIYL: Coil, Grouper, Autechre, A Silver Mt. Zion, Seefeel

Treating songwriting as an instinctive process, Bedoret transforms her deeply personal experiences into pure emotion. Not following any set narrative, Eyes takes the listener on a journey via their own experiences, prompting introspection through Bedoret’s hypnotic melodies. Through the album, she awakens the audience's imagination, to open up their emotional response.

Vanessa began her classical training at age 6 and on completion at 18 she embraced the thrill of playing guitar in punk bands, and like many at the turn of adulthood, was quickly captured by the allure of the dancefloor. She also counts black metal to opera and from eurodance to IDM as inspiration. Her deep understanding of musical form elevates her experimentation to a truly unique sonic experience, one that never strays too far from her original love of classical music.

Through the lens of a life lived to it’s fullest and one that does not shy from experiencing the rawest of emotions, it’s clear that Bedoret has a nack for translating personal observations into cinematic crescendoes. The field recordings throughout only heighten this feeling adding both a grounding and other worldy sensibility. Lyrically, she allows you to peek into her private world and for a fleeting moment letting you lock eyes with hers, asking what do you see?

This debut is a glowing experimental work that purrs with a distinctive narrative. Vanessa Bedoret is a promising new act, ready to take 2024 by storm. Catch her on 29 January at Cafe Oto supporting Mark William Lewis or at the ICA playing as part of a string trio supporting ML Buch and Astrid Sonne on the 27 and 28 February 2024. 

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