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V/A - Piitu Lintunen presents 7Ai9 LP

V/A - Piitu Lintunen presents 7Ai9 LP

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Some notes: tracks A1, A2, A3, A4, B2, B3 and B4 are mastered from 1980's demo tapes that Piitu got from the artists. Piitu exchanged letters and tapes actively with artists in punk, industrial and experimental scenes from all over the world. Some of the tapes we had to leave out from this compilation because we couldn't reach the artists. The three new tracks among the older ones underline the principle of infinity and immortality of music

Piitu Lintunen:

The first idea for this compilation came one night when Tommi text messaged me while I was having a good time with my Raisio-born punk friends. Tommi suggested that I compile an album from my musical history. After considering different directions I went through my archives and found a box of 1980's demo tapes.
Some of the tapes were from 1981 and 1982, when we did the punk zine Pöly with my brother Sakke Lintunen. I had totally forgotten about many of them.
A beautiful track from a Nurse with Wound demo turned out to be made by a NWW studio technician that lived somewhere in the Canarian Islands in early 2000. He couldn't be found.
At first this collection consisted only of demo tracks. Then I got a feeling that I want to include some new tracks too.

I asked for a track from Clair whose debut solo is one of my recent favorites.
Corumn was another contemporary artist I thought should be there.
Jimi Tenor sent me some demos when he moved to NYC in early 1990's. I chose one of those tracks for the compilation.

I learned to know Pekka Airaksinen in the early 1980's. He passed away in 2019. Pekka has a big archive of unfinished songs. His wife Maarit gave me some unfinished tracks and Jimi Tenor made a new track out of them.

DDAA sent me a tape in the 1986's. After I asked one of the tracks for this compilation they wanted to re-record the track. And they did so in a very original style.

Kostruktivists sent me a tape in 1983 while they were recording Psykho Genetica.
All 4 tracks from the tape could have been suitable here, but Opening Signs was the one.

Ramleh's Black Ark is a unreleased chapter from the recording of Grazing on Fear in 1987.

All of the tracks are electronic experimentations. In early 80's I did a lot of cassette exchange. It was a way of communication in the punk spirit. Everybody knew each other. Tasaday, Odal and Neljän seinän jumalat (my own project) are examples of the active players of the time.

Compiled by Piitu Lintunen
Written and performed by DDAA, Konstruktivists, Ramleh, Neljän Seinän Jumalat, Corum, CLAIR, Jimi Tenor, Tasaday, Odal, Pekka Airaksinen
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