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Ura - Baby with a Halo LP

Ura - Baby with a Halo LP

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Baby with a Halo is the newest record by Montreal based artist Ura. The songs on here feel like little organisms. While familiar genre references may shadow the pieces, from the faint ash of reminiscence comes something tactile and singular to the person who sat with the sounds and felt how they might coexist. Everything is rhythmic, the textures arrive, disappear and respond to each other in ways that could make you forget there was someone behind the controls all along. The result is full of love and ambiguity ~ choose ur own journey.

Motion Ward, 2022 
All music written and recorded by Ura
Cover and back of sleeve designed by Shy
Labels designed by IS
Mastered by Anne Taegert at D&M
Mixing assistance by Francis Latreille

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