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Toxic Frequency - Recorded at Frequency Farm 1993-1994 LP

Toxic Frequency - Recorded at Frequency Farm 1993-1994 LP

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You get back from a rave, not far from London UK, one early morning at the beginning of the '90s. In the car you're listening to Toxic Frequency's "Luminous" while the last pulses of excitement from the night dissipate and the first rays of the morning sun appear.

Here is the first vinyl edition of these homemade electronic tracks, recorded in a primitive bedroom studio between 1993 and 1994 by Mahk Rumbae, a British born fan of synths and drum machines. A surprising crossover, as it alternates between the soft balearic sound heat and the urban indu-electro rigour.

Now living in Vienna, Mahk is currently a member of experimental/industrial project Konstruktivists, minimal synth pop acts mitra mitra and Oppenheimer MkII. He releases experimental techno under the names Codex Empire and antechamber.

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