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Tapes - Funk Plates Volume One LP

Tapes - Funk Plates Volume One LP

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Heavy hitting SNES-Funk album from Tapes, returning to Jahtari for his first full length LP with eight solid 16bit Slap Crackers!

Constructed with data rips from Super-Nintendo ROMs, a Sequential Circuits Drum Tracks and a heavy dose of Kawai K1, each of these gems unfold into epic compositional mastery reminiscent of 1980s Japanese kids TV, with sparkly sprinkles of synth wizardry thrown on top.

'Funk Plates Vol. 1' sees Tapes depart as a riddim driven Digi-Dub contributor with a sharp handbrake U-turn on the Neo highway to funky-town. A perfect soundtrack for a spaced out Sunday morning and just as potent on the club hifi! (Quack!)

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