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T++ - Wireless 2x12"

T++ - Wireless 2x12"

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Snapping 2-step Garage rhythms in T++ sound design. 

The highly proficient Torsten Profock is founder of the DIN label and is serial collaborator and close ally with Robert Henke/ Monolake. The T++ moniker has found its way on wealth of first-rate bass/techno European labels, for this final T++ transmission he finds himself on London's Honest Jons. Given free rein to punctuate his scabrous, metallic, swung out rhythm core with gold from the HJR archives he has ghosted in samples from 30s'/40s East Africa singer/instrumentalist Ssekinomu, with amazing results. Disembodied 2-step winds up to spooked DnB and slamming techno machinations. Four cuts primed for the Skull Disco!

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