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Susumu Yokota - Acid Mt. Fuji 2xLP

Susumu Yokota - Acid Mt. Fuji 2xLP

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Black vinyl 

Ditching his day job as an economist, composer Susumu Yokota pursued his DJ career, performing house sets across his native Japan. Soon after establishing himself, he released his prodigal full-length debut Acid Mt. Fuji on Sublime Records, and his reputation as a master of dancefloor psychedelia and organic ambient music was cemented beyond his home country. He went on to produce remarkable work until his untimely death in 2015 from a prolonged illness. Lovingly remastered by Mike Grinser at D&M Berlin and finally repressed on Midgar Records, Susumu Yokota’s pioneering Acid Mt. Fujiis the finest example of classic Japanese house you’re likely to hear.

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