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Struktur - Mycelium 12"

Struktur - Mycelium 12"

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Guided by Struktur's creative direction, the 'Mycelium EP' weaves an intricate tapestry of sound, merging club culture's pulse with sonic exploration.
It presents meticulously orchestrated minimalistic expeditions where textures, depths, rhythms, and interferences intertwine, reflecting an interplay mirroring the mycelium.

Harmonics and melodies fuse in precise harmony, amplifying rhythmic intricacies and captivating interference patterns.
Within Struktur's aural landscapes, an invitation to introspection unfolds, establishing an intimate connection—a subtle dialogue between the artist and the seeker of sonic experiences.

The 'Mycelium EP' stretches the boundaries of musical imagination, encouraging a fresh perspective on our interpretation of sonic expression. Within this voyage, music acts as a conduit for genuine and personal responses, shaped by meticulous modulation techniques and thoughtful composition that captures the transformative potential of artistry.

Struktur, formerly Σ, is the current musical project of the producer Frieder Blume.

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