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STL - U Know the Score 12"

STL - U Know the Score 12"

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A1 Eternal High - 0:50
A2 Aww Shit - 8:17
A3 Godsend - 10:06
A4 Loop A
B1 Getting Deeper - 7:43
B2 Space Is The Place - 9:01
B3 Madnazz Loop

36:00+ playing time

STL is a master of making knackered sound drum loops and lo-fi sounds then chucking them all into a blender and serving them up for deployment in backrooms around Europe's most heady clubs. He has been at it again it seems and now has a whole bunch of brilliantly dishevelled cuts for us on this new album U Know The Score on Something. It is packed with twitchy, urgent rhythms punctuated with occult sounds, smudgy melodies and shards of melody that all sound like they could collapse at any moment, but until they do, you will be locked in for the ride. Some are dark, some are light, all of them are brilliantly beguiling.

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