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Shela - TV Songs LP

Shela - TV Songs LP

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Lisbon based keyboardist, João ‘Shela’ Pereira, a frequent collaborator with many local bands (Paus, Rinding Pânico, LAmA, Linda Martini and others) presents a new strangely haunting album, TV songs.

A scrapbook of recordings from the heart... Piano TV is a compendium of spontaneous notes of ideas on the piano, to the rhythm of a television set in the background... these are scraps of expression in a form of dirty bucolic sketches aspiring to a hypothetical larger, washed, pristine composition... they live best as an hypothesis, an aspiration, in infinity...

Because life is dirty, imperfect and real, it is this reality that allows us to taste the sublime, and the sublime can be found in these WhatsApp recordings.

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