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Roy of The Ravers - 2 Late 4 Love 12"

Roy of The Ravers - 2 Late 4 Love 12"

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2023 Loud Cut Vinyl Re-issue

A1 2 Late 4 Love (Part One)
A2 Cwejman Acid (Part Two)
A3 Melchester Acid (Part One)
B1 Emotinium
B2 Untitled

Back by popular demand!! A re-jigged, loud-cut 2023 reissue of Roy of The Ravers’ long sold out Acid Waxa classic ‘2 Late 4 Love’ with bonus Easter egg tracks, presented in all its original hand-stamped glory. Don’t sleep on this one if you missed it the first time around!

In 1981, deep within the laboratory of the Roland Corporation, Japan - Tadao Kikumoto invented the TB-303. But when Kikumoto heard that it was being used to create the acid sound, he ordered for all TB-303s to be recalled and DESTROYED. However, soon after - Kikumoto discovered that the last remaining TB-303 was in fact owned by Roy of the Ravers - and vowed to destroy both Roy of the Ravers and the TB-303, putting an end to the acid sound FOREVER!

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