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RAP (Thomas Bush & Guy Gormley) - Export LP

RAP (Thomas Bush & Guy Gormley) - Export LP

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Hazy, smeared DIY synth / blues from Thomas Bush and JD label head Guy Gormley's joint RAP project.  Elegantly strung-out, lonesome pop that yokes an equal measure of techno, dub and synth-pop into something undeniably fresh, unique and London. 

A1 Baptism 6:45
A2 Ruin 3:02
A3 Young Persuasion 5:18
A4 Static 3:31
B1 Twisted Fix 2:17
B2 Mad Friday 4:13
B3 No Mixer 5:12
B4 NSEW Ravers 3:41

Jolly Discs, 2019

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