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Posm - With the Birds LP

Posm - With the Birds LP

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Posm is a convergence of talents, emerging from a series of spontaneous jams that took place nestled amongst the hills of Kuringgai country. These sessions continued for two months, weaving hypnotic, incantatory suites through improvisation. The instrumental palette rotates between effortlessly blending acoustic and electronic instrumentation into a heady, organic synthesis, creating sounds that harmonise with the verdant landscape and flourishing fauna of the Bilgola hills. The music itself is an unforced fusion, finding the synchronicity in their improvisations. It feels exploratory, and you can follow along with them in the shared joy of making music in tune with each other and their surroundings.

‘Born out of the 2020/21 lockdowns, a small window over New Year’s Eve gave four friends a chance to come out of isolation and play music together. Sat up on the lush Bilgola hills, the first Posm jams came to fruition and cemented a desire for further collaboration. Over the next two months Posm became an obsessive catharsis for socially starved marsupials, with free flowing live improvisations combining electroni- ca and organic instruments, psychedelic bushwalks and playing host to the Bilgan birds and critters. This is Posm, with the birds.’

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