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Party Milk - Your Problem As a Mountain LP

Party Milk - Your Problem As a Mountain LP

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Party Milk is the duo of Mark Robinson and Trevor Kampmann. They have been recording together for almost two decades and this new albums contains 35 songs of pop experimentalism on one single vinyl LP.

Mark Robinson was a founding member of the bands Unrest, Air Miami, Flin Flon, Grenadine, Cotton Candy, and more. He founded the seminal Teenbeat indie label while in high school in 1984 in Washington, DC. They have released music by bands such as Versus, Gastr Del Sol, The Feminine Complex, Stereolab, Luna, Tuscadero, and countless others.

Trevor Kampmann began making music under the name See Saw in the 1990s on the Simple Machines label, and has since recorded over 12 albums under the name hollAnd. He has worked on countless recordings for bands such as Explosions in the Sky, Cat Power, The Rondelles, and Flin Flon (whose song 'Floods' became the theme for CNN's Anderson Cooper 360). Kampmann has collaborated with photographer Mark Borthwick and has produced music for avant-garde fashion designers Martin Margiela and Zero by Maria Cornejo.

In 2011, they released an anonymous LP under the name Fang Wizard called “Pure Hex.”

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