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Oyl - Urm LP

Oyl - Urm LP

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Headland loopers.

The murky ‘provincial’ ANA label reemerges and continues to drift further away from their club-focused origins on this hallucinogenic waking-dream collage from total unknown producer Oyl.  Caught tapped in a vision somewhere between the DIY Musique Concrète of Sam Kidel, glitch mechanics / tonal swells of Farben and neurotic dynamism of Bernard Parmegiani, Oyl assembles a deeply enveloping sound trip through treated home recordings and clandestine electro-acoustic sound sourcing, riddled with the signature bedroom paranoia that’s woven through the label’s now 12-strong release catalogue.  Presented as two hypnagogic full-sides, Oyl layers an abstracted montage of organic and electronic sounds coalesced together to form distinct scenes which dissolve into one another to form a time-dialating, out-of-body experience akin to that sequence in Gaspar Noé’s Enter The Void.  More interestingly though, it’s difficult to find the square root of this debut release - the metallic rhythm mechanics suggest a relationship to dance music in the same way Pan Sonic does, yet before we’re able to adapt to the cadence, scenes mutate into something foggier and harder to grapple.  A high-calibre and genuine outsider release laced with a striking level of ingenuity that belies the age of this torch-carrying young not miss! 

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