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Olof Dreijer - Coral 12"

Olof Dreijer - Coral 12"

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The Knife’s Olof Dreijer continues his new adventure as a solo producer with a three-track EP, marking a unique sonic chapter in his work.

Vibrant compositions and distinct melodies create an ambient progression where electronic and acoustic sounds delicately dance together, forming friendships and blending seamlessly, reminiscent of white magic.
The EP draws inspiration from the lively steel-drum experiments featured in last year's "Souvenir" EP with Mt. Sims, which quickly garnered acclaim from both the New York Times and Pitchfork.

Olof has been pushing the borders of electronic music for two decades., both in his work as part of the The Knife and by working under the secret pseudonym, Oni Ayhun, to release music that explored more experimental directions, that play with gender.

Nowadays, Olof is mostly active with making his music, producing and remixing other artists, and teaching music.
Olof co-produced several tracks on Fever Ray’s critically acclaimed 2023 album “Radical Romantics”, produced Tunisian multi-instrumentalist and composer Houeida Hedfi’s debut album “Fleuves De L'âme”, as well as music by Planningtorock and Zhala. Olof Dreijer has also remixed artists such as Fever Ray, Nine Inch Nails, Röyksopp & Robyn, and Emmanuel Jal.

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