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OK EG - Intertidal Zone

OK EG - Intertidal Zone

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This record was made in Naarm / Melbourne, Australia. It was conceived in 2019 and completed in 2020 against the backdrop of historic bushfires that burned 18 million hectares. The music is deeply rooted in the Australian landscape, the rhythms and textures of rainfall, coastlines and open spaces.

Recorded in collaboration with percussionist Phil Stroud, the rhythm tracks are a fusion of drum machines and hand drums, loose percussion, human voices and tuned percussion immersed in water. Joined by analog synthesisers, layered vocals, processed guitar and field recordings, the music evokes solastalgia and reverence for nature.

The final track, Golden Hour, came from an improvisation with multi-instrumentalist Adam Halliwell on flute and jazz musician Jack Doepel on Korg bass, later transposed to modular synthesiser.

The cover artwork was painted by Australian artist Charlotte Alldis during the winter of 2020. It depicts regrowth after the bushfires, life returning to a blackened landscape. 

Wax'o Paradiso, 2021

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