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Never - Never 12"

Never - Never 12"

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Elegant soundsystem-influenced art pop from Guy Gormley and Sam Bardsley on Jolly Discs.

When this material first surfaced on tape back in 2018 it seemed almost too cute, an NTS chatroom fuelled wet dream combination of street soul production, Robert Wyatt worshiping vocal ennui and black-clad 4ad drift. But listening again, 3 years closer to the inevitable, it holds up beautifully. Its a heady combination of references, there is something here of the eccentric and endlessly inventive oddball jazz-pop that came out on the French Nato label in the late 80s and Early 90s. In Particular the Steve Beresford and Anne Marie Beretta LP, Tony Hymas’s ‘Flying Fortress’ and the Zorn/Toop/Beresford/Marshall ‘Deadly Weapons’ collaboration. When you cross that with a lovers rock meets Larry Heard DX7 dreamtime worshipping production style reminiscent of those impossible to score Winsome 12s, you know there are some serious pop music scholars at work. But it isn’t just the sum of its influences by any means. The production is thick and crisp, the songs are strong and affecting and the mood is aching and world-weary, this is ambitious, seemingly effortless pop music that rewards close attention. - All Night Flight

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