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Muslimgauze - Kashmiri Queens LP

Muslimgauze - Kashmiri Queens LP

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"Kashmiri Queens" presents a more accessible side of Muslimgauze, featuring a faster tempo and fewer sonic overtones than his previous endeavors. The music's core is rooted in drone and raga samples complemented by a rich array of ethnic percussions.

All the standard Muslimgauze elements present here, but this release sees a more steady approach to his sound. Far less of the abrupt cutting in and out he had favoured for a good while, and more of a concentrated approach to the music. He lets the sounds linger a good while longer than usual here, and while not ambient in nature, there are lingering passages of sound that surface from the mix and take centre stage. The beats take a back seat this time around, though they are still a prominent part of the proceedings. Track 9 is completely beatless, and a prime example of the drama Muslimgauze can pull out of a hat - the looped and distorted vocal excerpt is taken and twisted over a push-and-pull two-note melody. There's a soft bass thumping in the distance, and the whole piece is given a tattered reverberation technique. The tracks here are all rather clean sounding, especially in comparison to the last in the limited series, Muslimlim 028, which was more of a gritty, fuzzed-up affair. It's a direction I like to see in his work, as more attention can be given to the instrumentation and composition, both of which are in fine form here.

In summary, "Kashmiri Queens" is an impressive addition to the Muslimgauze discography, staying true to their signature sound while introducing distinct elements that make it a must-have for fans of their work.


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