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Montel Palmer - Catastropheland LP

Montel Palmer - Catastropheland LP

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Includes A3 poster print by Frank West . . .

Welcome denizens of disaster, one and all - please make yourselves uncomfortable.

Did anyone ever tap you on the shoulder as you were walking through an unfamiliar land, just to tell you to watch where you’re going? In this interlinked age of protocol-onies and networked nations, the only territory you can’t rely on is your own state of mind.

Mapped-out by a series of second guesses and double takes, Catastropheland is the one place you’re welcome to try and expand your diminished reality. In Catastropheland, the road signs are all traps, the charts are the wrong way round, the jokes fall flat, and it always rains upwards.

Meanwhile, nine tracks of virtual shapes are bounced off the dishes of an orbiting Syncom 7 and beamed straight into your personal space. The quest for the augmented self might not lead to the results you expect, but as a citizen of Catastropheland, your residency permit is never up for review, and you’re only a shipwreck away from being washed-up on a melting shoreline.

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