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Modern Analysis - Houze Life / Kaotic Dilemma 12"

Modern Analysis - Houze Life / Kaotic Dilemma 12"

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Modern Analysis, a vintage analog duo comprised of duKe and AFQ, with a new EP “HouZe Life / Kaotic Dilemma” on Nation. 

HouZe Life:
Modern Analysis –– DuKe and Alex from Queens ––  are back to deliver the next level of sound with HouZe LiFe –– the next level of the tribal jakbeat ballet that is Proto Rhythm 1, Duke and AFQ dialed into this concept and technique of house exorcism and execution. on this production, we have an internal challenge from the artists, just like Proto Rhythm, to ascend the original house sound by creating this progression of production off the cuff absolutely live, played by hand with no sequencer or seatbelt on the old machines and vintage instruments on some raw and radically fresh idea of dirty jakbeat house beyond house essence. HouZe LiFe was recorded straight raw in one take by DuKe and AFQ at Capriccio HQ in NYC, with vox by DuKe + Camille V. & Emilie C, for that next level smouldering suggestive….

Kaotic Dilemma:
On Kaotic Dilemma, Modern Analysis, with special contribution from Dr.William Kincaid, fiercely flips the musical script and sonic palette, coming with haunting, new colors to evoke forgotten dreams and dystopian futures… influenced by lost Mayday tapes, this is a moody, potent, hallucinogenic synthesis of vintage machine rhythms, electronics and musicianship with jakbeat philosophy and Detroit techno soul –– an unforgettable cut that will snap you far beyond the dance and far beyond the formulaic tributes goin around.

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