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Menko Konings - Love Songs LP

Menko Konings - Love Songs LP

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The 12" LP LOVE SONGS is a selection from the cassette tapes recorded 1984-1986 by Menko Konings (aka EM / Menko / eM.).
They are never released on vinyl before. Also added two previously unpublished songs.

Including download code and free (high quality) CD by S.M. NURSE inside the LP.

Bonus items when you order/download at Top Tape Bandcamp: images of the original cassette tape sleeves To, To New York, B-Movies and Dedicated To Charles Bronson.

“When I went solo in 1983 (after S.M. Nurse) I only had a guitar, a bass and a four track cassette tape recorder. Sometimes I borrowed a rithmebox or a synth for a couple of days. These solo cassette tapes were created in that period.”

LOVE SONGS is composed and performed by Menko Konings, except lyrics “call me” by Antonia (Tonny Timmermans).

“The Last Album” by S.M Nurse is a free CD-album with almost one hour of tape recordings never released before. It concerns rehearsals, improvisations, experiments, live and studio recordings, from the period between 1982 and 1983:

. Worst Und Bier (long version 1982)
. Schatten (1982)
. Negative (1983)
. Mushroom (1983)
. No Action (1982)
. Heimwerker (long version 1982)
. No Title (1982)
. Running (1983)
. Cannibal (live rehearsal Madame Arthur 1983)
. Hot Day (live rehearsal Madame Arthur 1983)
. Frutta (live rehearsal Madame Arthur 1983)
. My Greedy Policeman (live at Paradiso Amsterdam 1983)

LOVE SONGS is an edition of 200 copies.

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