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Marcela Dias Sindaco - Cidade Fantasma mini-LP

Marcela Dias Sindaco - Cidade Fantasma mini-LP

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In 2022, Fixed Rhythms released Marcela Dias Sindaco’s “Rio de Janeiro 3025 EP”. Now the label is proud to welcome her back for a brand new 10 track sequel entitled “Cidade Fantasma”. Vintage synths borrowed from her father, her icy but inviting spoken Portuguese lyrics, her characteristically straight to the point and funky yet mysterious electro…it’s all woven together in this brilliant exhibit of an artist who hears dance music in a singular way and who masterfully delivers her vision to the listener. All you need are your ears. The moment of understanding is instantaneous when you listen.

Early DJ Support:
Brilliant as always. - Nicola Cruz

Gave 'Prisão' a whirl at Panoramabar on Sunday morning and thoroughly enjoyed the moment - Joe Delon

She's very talented. thanks for sharing :) - Ron Like Hell

Next level otherworldly raw honest techno funk…love this shit!!! - D. Strange

SO FIRE OMG - C Powers

300 copies pressed worldwide. These will fly, so don’t sleep on ordering.

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