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Manuel Gonzales (MGUN) - Days Gone By LP

Manuel Gonzales (MGUN) - Days Gone By LP

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"Days Gone By," the latest creation from Manuel Gonzales (MGUN), showcases his remarkable versatility inside of the contemporary musical landscape. This 9-track EP, released for 100 LIMOUSINES, is a vibrant mosaic of raw, gritty sounds that capture the quintessence of Detroit's musical heritage.

Each track on the album is an immersive experience that echoes the feel of street techno, rhythmic and driving. MGUN's ingenious use of the studio as an instrument is striking, as he shapes tracks that embody the essence of bedroom production. The album vibrates with deep sub-bass frequencies, eerie highs, and peculiar artifacts of found sound.

Gonzales, a name synonymous with raw and unadulterated music, brings his signature touch to the 100 LIMOUSINES catalog, a label rapidly gaining recognition for its bold defiance of genre constraints. "Days Gone By" is more than a mere collection of tracks; it's a deep dive into Gonzales' daily sonic experiments, a testament to his relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of techno music.

This album is an essential listen for those who value the fusion of Detroit's robust underground legacy with innovative, avant-garde electronic music. It's a journey designed for those who revel in the unrefined authenticity of analog production and the boundless potential of cross-genre exploration. "Days Gone By”, an absolute experimental body of music, a unique auditory adventure that defies convention.

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