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Malayeen - Malayeen LP

Malayeen - Malayeen LP

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Discrepant proudly re-presents the Vinyl edition of Lebanese trio Malayeen. Malayeen is the project of Lebanese musicians Raed Yassin (Keyboards, Turntables & Electronics), Charbel Haber (Electric Guitar & Electronics) and Khaled Yassine (Darbouka, Percussion).

Born from Yassin and Haber’s love for the music of quintessential Egyptian guitarist Omar Khorshid, Malayeen disassembles and re-configures the work and style of the iconic guitarist innovative take on Arabic music.

The final result makes for an original and unique update of Khorshid & belly dancing inspired songs from the past. Over the course of 7 compositions, appropriately named after Khorshid and famous belly dancers from the Arabic diaspora, the three musicians’ varied backgrounds and techniques collide and coalesce in an experimental yet magical fashion, not actually playing Khorshid’s music, but inspiring themselves from the cult guitarist’s genius to create something completely new, modern and unexpected.

A unique LP featuring the combined talents by key players of the Lebanese avant garde.

The Malayeen LP edition is released by Discrepant in collaboration with Lebanese exploratory label Annihaya effectively combining East and West musical strains of thought as well as conclusively deconstructing and displacing this particular form of “popular” music.

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