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Maara - The Ancient Truth 2xLP

Maara - The Ancient Truth 2xLP

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Montreal’s sapphic mixxtress, the elusive mogul Maara, unveils her debut full length LP via Step Ball Chain. A pairing written in the stars, with twelve dynamically diverse and emotive soundscapes of downtempo bliss, spine-chilling drum and bass and elevated electronica - timeless anthems for sonic indulgence and reflection. Take a deep dive into the sensually charged inner workings of the already prolific producer’s mind.

An effervescent atmosphere envelopes it’s way through the records entirety, whether it be gloriously lush pads, melancholic words and whispers from her own lips or subterrantian bass. Maara’s world of sound showcases the wild spectrum of emotion, the empathetic passion of joy in Awaken, Plum Plum and Sapphic Rehabilitation Centre alongside the darkness of Insidious Force or Rough ‘N’ Ready. But like most things, the purest beauty can be found within the grey areas, where majority of this records lies. A powerful ebb and flow between cloudy twilight and it’s recurring silver lining, Nothing Sacred wraps you around it’s finger whilst Erotics Of Betrayal pulls you in unexpected directions sure to conjure feelings you didn’t know existed.

A masterfully united album from start to finish, each listen unveils endless intricacy, delicately and deliciously revealing the potent DNA of Maara.

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