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Legowelt - The Sad Life of An Instagram DJ 12"

Legowelt - The Sad Life of An Instagram DJ 12"

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Roll out the handkerchiefs: Electro maverick Legowelt unveils "The Sad Life Of An Instagram DJ" EP on Barcelona’s imprint Selvamancer.

Pioneering electronic artist Legowelt delivers a sonic masterpiece with his latest EP, "The Sad Life of an Instagram DJ". This 5-track release offers a captivating glimpse into how Legowelt's ideal rave would sound, blending techno, acid, and electro elements into an immersive and fun sound journey full of trippy bangers.

Each track on the EP is meticulously crafted to evoke euphoria, showcasing Legowelt's unparalleled creativity. Like a tear rolling down a cheek in a moment of nostalgic introspection, only to spiral towards the dancefloor.The moment the tear hits the floor, together with the heavy kicks and smooth synth action, it launches your mind back into the ongoing rave.

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