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Leeway - Hypoxia LP

Leeway - Hypoxia LP

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gamow chamber>>>
loss of consciousness>>>
green cave>>>
new direction>>>
miracle highway>>>
black jumping spider>>>
mountain madness>>>
return of the dream>>>

"Obsessive tekno/grime experiment from London's lostdomain producer Leeway following the great great Krevet EP. Very compatible with ~160 BPM hardtek/trance. Grainy desaturated claustrophobic sound progressing to full, crisp and dreamy. Real skool UK stoner road style gabba with alien salival textures. Fall kosmic commandos and pray to gaia! Whole album varies on two or three circling themes. Super zoney and subdued and spiritual but then jumps right out of the speakers with violence. Subtle mind-rinse. Really unique." - STRESS zine

Written and produced by Guy Lee
Mastered + cut by Grinser at Manmade

© 2023 lostdomain / doma rope team

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