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Le Matin / Parallel Planet - Mixtus Orbis - split LP

Le Matin / Parallel Planet - Mixtus Orbis - split LP

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Le Matin
Coming from experimental hardcore techno in the 2000s, producer Charles Torris is now expressing his strange vision of the world through blends of electro, disco and wave styles, with vinyl and cassette publications by various labels (Mathematics, Dekmantel, Third Type Tapes, Lost Dogs Entertainment) and live performances (Astropolis, Maintenant, Serendip, Mechatronica). He's also active as a digital artist and game programer in Rennes, France, where he lives now.

Parallel Planet
The two long time friends Grammar of Movement and ECXO are finally teaming up as Parallel Planet on the split EP Mixtus Orbis with Le Matin via Maturre Records. Based on their music, it's easy to hear the high collaborative energy the two producers have when they're in the studio together.
These two Aarhus born producers are very inspired by the roots of detroit electro sound and have achieved their own groovy, pacy and trippy sound universe with the blend of soft analogue and edgy digital synthesizers. Two tracks for the dancefloor and one for the mind.

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