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Lawrence - Epiphany Remixes 12"

Lawrence - Epiphany Remixes 12"

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A1 Blue Moon (Zoe Polanski Remix)
A2 Stranded (Lowtec Remix)
B1 Jacob's Ladder (M. Pittman's Ladder Remix)
B2 Blue Moon (Tobias. Remix)

Wonderful remix treatment / well selected line up. 

Lawrence's Epiphany Remixes, a release from the German record label Giegling, presents four distinct interpretations of the title track. Each remixer brings a unique approach to the original piece, resulting in a diverse and captivating soundscape. Zoe Polanski's version transforms the track into a crystallized melody, creating a cold yet beautiful atmosphere. Lowtec's remix explores deep techno, delivering a smooth and dreamy ambiance with a touch of sadness. M Pittman Ladder's interpretation adds a gritty, chunky bassline, while Tobias' remix elevates the tempo, creating a pulsating and mechanical percussion elements. These remixes showcase the versatility of Lawrence's original composition, demonstrating how different artists can reinterpret and reshape it to create new and engaging experiences.

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