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Laurel Halo - Atlas LP

Laurel Halo - Atlas LP

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Atlas, the latest album from renowned electronic artist Laurel Halo, is a suite of sensual ambient jazz collages, designed to take the listener on a roadtrip through the subconscious. Blending both synthetic ambient textures and acoustic instrumentation, the album is a series of endlessly listenable maps, rife with hidden detail.

“Belleville” - the first single on Atlas - is a disarming piano ballad, recorded in one take during the spring of 2021. It's embellished with undertows of processed vibraphone, as well as a sudden, gorgeous stack of vocal harmonies featuring Coby Sey.

Music composed and produced by Laurel Halo.
Piano, electronics, guitar, vibraphone, violin and vocals by Laurel Halo.
Saxophone on tracks 1 and 10 by Bendik Giske.
Cello on all tracks except 6 and 9 by Lucy Railton.
Violin on all tracks except 6 and 9 by James Underwood.
Vocals on track 5 by Coby Sey.
Mixed by James Ginzburg.
Mastered by Rashad Becker at Clunk.
Lacquer cut by Anne Taegert at Dubplates & Mastering.
Design by Studio Hugo Blanzat.
Photography by Martine Syms.

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