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Kolorit (Kassem Mosse & Lowtec) - Untitled 12"

Kolorit (Kassem Mosse & Lowtec) - Untitled 12"

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200 numbered copies, yellow transparent 180gr 45rpm EP with 10x15 photo insert

The duo of Kolorit are probably best known through their respective solo careers - Jens Kuhn under the guise of Lowtec and Gunnar Wendel as that of Kassem Mosse. That the two would have a duo together should come as no surprise, as Wendel has had numerous releases on Kuhn’s label Workshop through the years. The Kolorit project took shape sometime in 2017 following a night in Bristol where they were both booked for live shows and - on a whim - decided to combine them on stage and see what happened. This laid back and playful attitude would later manifest into the Workshop-released debut album the following year. Crafting unclassifiable mutations of house and techno through live improvisations, the two could join the dots between experimental urges and a dancefloor potential into a vision of crisp drum machines and wobbly melodies.

Lowtec being no stranger to the blundar label (his untitled album of 2015 would be the label’s first,followed by a 12” and a cassette in 2020) it would seem fitting that the duo would continue their journey here with a 2-track 12” further exploring their work. Both tracks here are proper club tools, making this a more compact and focused release than its predecessor. Yet the improvised flavors are present: on the A-side propelled by a jazzy keyboard jam that explores the room like a dancer loosening up their joints. The B-side, while maintaining a crisp motorik beat, bubbles with flourishes of synthesized flutes - somehow both euphoric and unhinged in direction - pierced by the steadfast punctuation of a Brazilian cuica.

It is evident that Kolorit are playing with the color palette of deep house, yet taking things just a notch further with a dry European sense of humor. Exuding humidity and pulsing with heat, these jams utilize the inherent qualities of the right machines without the need for an abundance of filters - making for a stripped down yet fully fleshed out aural experience.
Text by: Simon Eliasson

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