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Kevin McCormick - Sticklebacks LP

Kevin McCormick - Sticklebacks LP

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Kevin McCormick's unreleased bedroom studio tape material (1984-1987).

Following the release of Light Patterns in 1982, Kevin recorded a series of songs onto tape that explored the sonic possibilities of a solitary guitarist. Shedding the acoustic sound of his previous effort, he adopted a swelling electric palette to explore different moods. These recordings are a shift in direction to a sparse and ambient style, and their hazy, repetitive movements create room for evocative melodies.

Kevin fills a deficiency of guitar-forward music with his minimalistic approach that is somewhere in the space between ambient, rock, jazz, and avant-garde. On Sticklebacks, he casts away the morning elegance of Light Patterns and leans further into the introverted feelings of the small hours. It is a nascent springtime journey that shows just what Kevin is capable of with six strings.

Written, produced, and recorded by Kevin McCormick.
Guitar, bass, violin bow, effects, voice, and poem.
Manchester, England, 1984-1987.

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