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Joe Gibbs & The Professionals ‎– African Dub All-Mighty - Chapter 3 LP

Joe Gibbs & The Professionals ‎– African Dub All-Mighty - Chapter 3 LP

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Red Vinyl, 2023 pressing 

Joe Gibbs (real name Joel Gibson) was the producer, owner of the studio, business manager, paymaster and the one who collected the profits by virtue of being the publisher for originals. He was also the man who called the shots when it came to arrangements even though he did not actually perform. The moniker Joe Gibbs and The Professionals could mislead the casual listener. His studio engineer Errol Thompson was a complementary genius when it came to recording and mixing and they awarded themselves the epithet The Mighty Two. This pair were responsible for such greats as Culture's Two Sevens ClashPrince Far I's Under Heavy Manners, and of course, everyone's favorite summer reggae tunes, Uptown Top Ranking. As for The Professionals, the house band who formed up to perform these songs reads like a who's who of reggae greats. They also recorded as The Revolutionaries and The Aggravators for other studios. With such talent and experience on hand, for their dub albums The Mighty Two could dip into the back catalogue of not only Joe Gibbs releases but Channel One and Treasure Isle hits as well. Consequently, many of the rhythms will be recognizable to anyone with a passing knowledge of reggae and rock steady.

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