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Jnn Aprl - Gift n Curse Principle LP

Jnn Aprl - Gift n Curse Principle LP

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Over the past seven years, Jnn Aprl embarked on a transformative creative journey, transitioning from a decade of studying fine art to immersing herself in music. This shift was influenced by a multitude of factors, including personal experiences and a foot injury. Her decision to delve into the world of music, including relocating to Detroit, led to profound realizations about creativity itself.

She discovered that creativity is a distinct entity and that the path to unlocking it involves following one's instincts and intuitions. This revelation reminded her of how literature and psychology explore the facets of human nature through different languages, ultimately delivering universal truths.

In her pursuit of music, she deliberately refused to learn the basics and avoided copying the work of others, viewing this as a form of discipline. Drawing from her background in fine arts, she recognized the importance of unlearning and stripping away acquired skills to create something uniquely her own. This process revealed two distinct types of creatives in her eyes: skilled artists and creators. She was eager to explore an entirely new medium and creative process.

She made the bold decision to immerse herself in music by picking up vinyl and a drum machine, resulting in a chaotic but liberating experience. This newfound passion consumed her to the point where she sacrificed other aspects of her life, including family, friends, financial stability, and even her own well-being. While this phase had its dark moments, it was a crucial part of her creative journey.

At her lowest point, she returned to Seoul, her childhood home, and it was there that she completed a significant artistic project. This marked a turning point in her life as an artist, emphasizing the idea that human consciousness contains all the necessary elements for creativity, and language is a tool for exploring these inner gems. Trusting the universe beyond fear became a fundamental lesson from her journey.
Overall, ‘Gift n Curse Principle’ is a testament to the power of intuition and creativity, as well as the challenges and sacrifices that often accompany a deep dive into artistic exploration.

"Creativity stands as its own unique entity, and the way to connect with it lies in simply trusting your instincts and intuition." -JNN APRL-
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