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Jennifer Loveless - Water Remixes by DJ Fett Burger 12"

Jennifer Loveless - Water Remixes by DJ Fett Burger 12"

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CLIPS: Water Remixes 

Up and coming Melbourne DJ and producer Jennifer Loveless
gets remixed by DJ Fett Burger on this special 12" on Sex Tags UFO.

Jennifer Loveless released her first EP called Water on Butter Session in 2020.
DJ Fett Burger found two favourite tracks ECC and BLU YOU.
With an idea of more dance floor oriented versions of the originals, he got real creative and respectfully reworked and remixed them in an underground manner.
Water remixes is a special two track 12" record for an adventures and fun dance floor experience.

Both remixes are groove shaking remixes working around Jennifers joyful and uplifting melodies, sounds and pads. Extra rhythmic elements and percussions are added, bass grooves and new melodies to give it more depth, and tweaked and mixed to give both tracks a different dimension that they deserve.
Uplifting, joyful, deep and partly emotional. A fine mix between the new era, and classic rhythmic shaking house music done in Burgers signature sound as always.

Sex Tags UFO - UFO 16

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