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Hodge - Voice Crash 12"

Hodge - Voice Crash 12"

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A true force of nature and Bristol legend, we’ve fondly witnessed him display the kind of range we love here at Timedance, covering everything from bouncy House to mind-warping peak time Techno via kaleidoscopic declinations of the future facing Bristol bass sound.

This long overdue debut on the label displays three jaw dropping numbers. Harvested for maximum stroboscopic efficiency, this EP is packed with Hodge’s anthemic signature hooks, bass weight for days and a truly singular approach to a forward rave sound.

Summoning sirens from space, laser guided Grime-Tech and intoxicating explorations into peak time tempos, « Voice Crash » stands as the perfect sonic portrayal of a producer we have revered for years and Timedance’s very own mission statement.

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