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Goiz - Green 12"

Goiz - Green 12"

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Open Space is an exciting new label run by DJ Ray & Goiz. It’s inaugural release sees Goiz taking steps in a fresh direction with a 4 track EP made up mostly of slower tempos, intricate percussive patterns, and an underwater acid feel that’s reminiscent of Plastikman and early Move D.

The A1 cut, ‘That’s Green’ starts with a hot marimba line that is sure to grip your attention from the jump. The track bounces along at 109 bpm and opens up with warm ambience, trippy electric guitar samples, and a chunky electro-acid bassline that is guaranteed to make clubs bump and heads nod.

On the A2 is ‘Mid Pack’ a 100 bpm tribal aquatic trip for the dedicated downtempo deejay. This triplet-heavy rhythm track comes at you with a flurry of percussion, perfectly timed bleep melodies, and a squelchy acid bassline with an early Move D B-Side vibe.

Heading over to the flipside, the B1 track, ‘Zero Cap’ is likely to be a dancefloor favorite. This elastic-sticky-slapper almost demands a physical response with it’s sharp snare hits, driving bassline, and chopped quasi-vocal snips; all leading to a satisfying pay-off in the form of warm pads and floating marimba notes.

Finally, on the B2 we see the closing and fastest track, ‘Woods’ — An optimistic digi dream house bumper inspired by the sounds of CiM and Susumu Yokota. The track starts with a wide, hopeful ambient pad and microscopic drum sounds, quickly swelling into a racy but soothing 8 minute brain massage.

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