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Frank Rodas - Ritual 12" EP

Frank Rodas - Ritual 12" EP

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Utter presents 'The Ritual EP' by Frank Rodas.

Frank Rodas is the elusive creator of 2019's 'The Sellout EP' (Optimo Music) and one of the brains behind the excellent 'Out The Flat' label. While his previous release deftly dipped into Electro, Industrial and EBM sonics, 'The Ritual EP' sees the versatile producer travel in another direction, taking the listener on an ethereal, acid-tinged Tribal voyage.

The visuals also compliment the EP's cohesive deeper sound. Decadence comics co-founder Lando's immersive artwork draws us further into this imagined far-future world, with a vast flooded landscape dominating the front cover, any remnant of civilisation succumbing to nature. A large 50x70cm panoramic poster is included with every copy of the record.

'The Ritual EP' is available on recycled vinyl and digital formats. A limited edition of 100 randomly coloured 'eco jazz' vinyl copies are exclusive to Bandcamp and Phonica Records, while black vinyl is available elsewhere.

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