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Fourth World Magazine III - Neoplatonic Aquatic Symposiums 2xLP

Fourth World Magazine III - Neoplatonic Aquatic Symposiums 2xLP

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In the flowing mode of olive tree groves, un-secluded temple vortices elaborated with Super-Receptacles reflect a floating “Supernatural Hall of Interaction”, and accompanied by this very scene, painted by a Daemonic being in a multiple of perspectives, there appears an assemblage of excellent genera including a hybrided-code statuette of Hermanubis. This temple vortex is a star on earth active for holographic dream classes and nature’s daemonic library. The activities and elements enact a super-sensibility of a human gaze, that while holding Hermanubis - a fire being submerged in water - can begin to arrange an equation for the lightness of angels readied for an entrance to The Door of Gifts, awaiting the equation to enliven the holographic entity, ALC, the equation entitled “The Velocity of Angels”.

The music, literature, and art presented in this 75-minute album and 12-page magazine by Spencer Clark of Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Typhonian Highlife, and The Skaters, relates to a juxtaposition between the growth of ancient and modern Neoplatonism and the enlightenment of Holographic Theory. NAS was invented in Tinos, Greece, and recorded on Tenerife, where the black sand beach reflects the night in the day while crashing waves on your mind.
Recorded by Spencer Clark in the Canary Islands 2021.
Produced, mastered, and mixed by Teemu Takatalo in Athens, Greece.

For Poole Music, 2023
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