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Element - Nine Mall 12"

Element - Nine Mall 12"

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Element, co-founder of Riddim Chango imprint, introduces his latest creation, a 4 track EP, under the freshly forged subsidiary label, Parallel Line.

The EP opens with the abstract dancehall mic-man in Kingston I Jahbar, reprising his collaboration with Element from their 2021” Andromeda EP on Bokeh Versions, narrating rhythmic tales of style and ambitious hustle. The records transitions to the intense dubwise cut to the A1,“Chicken Gravy Dub”, and the B-side unfolds“Nine Mall”and“Martian Gravity,”instrumentals resonating with obscure yet atmospheric dancehall/dembow echoes.

Set to release in digital and 12" vinyl in November 2023, this EP embodies a fusion of eclectic influences, resonating with reflecting the innovative and unique soundscapes of Element and his Parallel Line imprint.

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