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Eden Aurelius - Plateau 12" (Purelink remix)

Eden Aurelius - Plateau 12" (Purelink remix)

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The initiatory release on the co:clear label is a stunning debut by Brooklyn-based artist, Eden Aurelius. Written between Chicago and New York throughout 2023, 'Plateau' is a lacework of chiller dub-techno and ambient sparkle, crafted via recorded material, astute sampling, and live instrumentation. Rounded off with a stellar remix from your favourite ambient boyband (Purelink), this record is one for the serial unwinders.


"Plateau is a collision, formed over years of change — an elevated plane where land forms an even surface.

Towering above the ground you see the scale of the earth — terrain merging with sky, enfolding on one another.

Seclusion and observation — a timeless vortex where moments stand still and find place in clarity."

— Eden Aurelius

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