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DJ Mad A & Dr. Stevie The Ambient Guru - The Mad Vibe 12"

DJ Mad A & Dr. Stevie The Ambient Guru - The Mad Vibe 12"

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1990 -> 2019, Smiling C Records

DJ Mad A (Adam Embleton) & Dr. Stevie The Ambient Guru (Stevie Hewitt) originally met when Adam picked up the Saturday shift at 'Record Mart', a record store run by Stevie back in the late 80's. They quickly bonded over shared tastes and enthusiasm for the growing dance club culture in England.

Balearic Beat had arrived from Ibiza, and Middlesbrough, England clubs were pushing boundaries, encouraging DJs to experiment with the dancefloor. Stevie was a regular selector at venues like Club Havana and Flixx, where he blended house, electro & techno for the loaded English youth. Adam had signed to Island Records at 17, the first signee for their newly appointed A&R rep Darcus Beese. Darcus & Adam’s collaborations in the Island studio are where the early 'Mad A' production techniques were cultivated.

With Adam behind the programming and Stevie on effected guitar, the two assembled a few songs that were a frantic blend of abstract electro and house. They printed a white label tiny pressing of The Mad Vibe, four tracks to “send out waves that shock”, with the intention of adding them to their explorative DJ sets. The E.P. sold out fast locally and Levitating Pharaohs (Full Frontal Spacehead Ambient Mix), dripping with psychedelic sweat, became a local cult favorite, catching the attention of labels like Mo’Wax and local Drum’n’bass DJs.

As the ‘90's rolled on, the two continued to DJ as residents at clubs like Corner House, Brody's, Arena & Dickens. We’re happy to be able to make these four chaotic workouts available again.

The release comes with a pharaoh's head sticker. Remastered and restored on 12", pressed at 45rpm.

"Play The Trax. Feel The Vibes. Mad as....."
Adam Embleton: arrangement, production, programming
Stevie Hewitt: guitar, arrangement
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