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DJ Fett Burger & L.A. 2000 - Trushwax 12"

DJ Fett Burger & L.A. 2000 - Trushwax 12"

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"Vibrant, melodic Acid House cuts" - Hardwax

CLIPS: Trushwax

A - Trush Your Body!
B1 - Hello Awreibody!
B2 - Quack 1

Trushmix the now well known underground mix series created by DJ Fett Burger and L.A.2000, and still going strong since 2011, providing underground talent and spreading vibes in a vibrant small community of music lovers. After 13 years of Trushmix, it is about

time to make a record to celebrate this! The initially plan was to make it as a 10 year anniversary release. Now it's 13 years, even better! So Trushwax is born!

A three track 12 " with underground house and techno tracks, recorded and produced by DJ Fett Burger and L.A.2000 between 2010-2021. Three simple, rough and emotional underground cuts in the vein of Trushmix!

"Trush Your Body" The opening track and the newest production of the three. A melodic house track, with the classic 909-groove and some acid! Driving and dreamy at the same time, and also with a melancholy twist. A place where simplicity and emotions meet!

The second track "Hello Awreibody" underground club track based on a live recording from 2010, with a distinct driving bass line, 808 beats and a big deep melody that gives the tack a massive feel! Rough underground club and basement style!

"Quack" the last track on the record, also based on a live recording from 2010, a rough live sounding recorded track with a groovy classic 707 workout, a soft bass line and a strong touch of melodic elements to keep the track deep, mysterious and driving.

Sex Tags UFO - UFO 19

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