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DJ Fett Burger - Astral Solar, Edge of Galaxy, Planetary Exploration 12"

DJ Fett Burger - Astral Solar, Edge of Galaxy, Planetary Exploration 12"

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CLIPS: Astral Solar, Edge of Galaxy, Planetary Exploration

A1 - Astral Solar
A2 - Edge of Galaxy (Bad Booy Lenght V.IIbe PTX)
B1 - Planetary Exploration (Original)
B2 - Planetary Exploration (SVN's Planetary Remixes)

A four track EP with three very different DJ Fett Burger original tracks and a glorious remix by SVN.

The first track a left leaning percussive house track with heavy precens of liquid funk! Some groovy bass and computer emo melodies are added and some inner city elements in the mix to keep it even more alive.

The second track a different sounding break beat track with a heavy underground sound, a driving and shifting and chopped up beat in various styles, filtered and mixed through various effects. A steady bass line to keep the groove, and a big melodic end to it all.

First on the flip side DJ Fett Burger's Planetary Exploration explores house house music with the spirit of underground hip hop with the touch of weirded out electro funk. Mellow, heavy, deep and with that groove thing.
The second track is good fried and XI partners SVN's remix.
A three part ten minute master remix! A mellow, melodic and beautiful sounding piece with a climatic touch mixed with the spirit of house and hip hop, in SVN's recognisable sounding way. A perfect blissful end, something to remember and take home! 

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