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Dima Disk - Pahakas LP

Dima Disk - Pahakas LP

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Heavyweight odes to the UK hardcore continuum from Tallinn via Toronto label Surve Records. The collaborative project of Dima Disk is shaped by bass, breaks, metallic percussion and the kind of background synth washes found on early dubstep, UKG and Metalheadz records alike. With a clear penchant for the colder, more alien variety of 5am warehouse rollers than those on a soulful tip, the duo of Ragnar Rahuoja and Robert Nikolajev waste no time setting the tone for their first EP since 2017s Fetty on the in-house label of electronic music vanguards Rubadub.

Showing an evolution in both production and palette, Pahakas retains the concern for chest-rattling soundsystem pressure but advances on the slightly lo-fi sound design of the pairs last outing. The ‘Feel the sound’ sample clatters around razor sharp, 130bpm + breakbeats and a rolling sub that nods to golden era Peverelist on opening cut ‘U R A Gem’. On ‘Betty’ and ‘MLBT’ the more spacey, ambient end of the genre are given a look but retain the overall atmosphere of the EP whilst ‘2kSamba’ ups the tempo and leans toward a mutant hybrid of early 2000s UK prog and contemporary bass music. Essential dance equipment for you and yours!

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